Urbano Cellars
"Urbanite" Wine Club
(Actually, it's your wine club)

Ever been in a wine club that sent you
wine you didn't want? Or you felt you were getting the same wine over and over again? Urbano Cellars would like to change that. This is your wine club; you choose the wines you want and then get rewarded for being a loyal member.

Your Benefits include:

• Free tastings in the tasting room
• Members-only events
• First call on new releases and rare library selections
• Every day discounts on wine (usually between 5% and 15%)
• Discounts on winery events
• Discounts, when available, on wine-related events sponsored by other organizations
• Free "growler" bottle for the "Fourth Street" keg program

Have it your way it's easy

Pick your level of participation:
"Little Urbanite" - 3 bottles per shipment
"Big Urbanite" - 6 bottles per shipment

We'll have 3 to 6 wines selected as the default shipment. We'll publish the selections on the Club page and send out an email to let you know as well. If you want something else just tell us. If you decide that something we make doesn't suit your palate and don't want it again, just let us know we'll omit it from future shipments. If you want the same wines each shipment, let us know. For instance we can do just Zinfandel the entire time. All shipments are at a discount.

Here's how it works

wine club chart

• Wine Club selections are available twice a year--in May and November.

• Sign up to be a Little Urbanite or a Big Urbanite.

• We'll e-mail our picks to you and post them in advance on our web site. They'll be different each time.

• You tell us which wines you prefer. You can tell us now or just before shipment. If you want something that's not on the list, just ask for it.

• Your Club selections will be packaged for pick up or shipment.

• Your Club package will be discounted based on the number of bottles per shipment and will be extended for 30 days past the shipment or pick-up date on additional purchases.

• You can change from a Little Urbanite to a Big Urbanite at any time. Your discount will adjust accordingly.

• When you sign up you agree to receiving 2 shipments – after that you can cancel anytime.

Join Now

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