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Our Vision

As former garage winemakers, we started Urbano Cellars in 2006 with the goal to produce affordable, food-friendly wines that possess character and balance – particularly from lesser known varietals such as Barbera, Cabernet Franc, Chenin Blanc, Grenache, Malbec, Mourvèdre, Tempranillo, Teroldego, and Viognier.

We also produce what we call “House Wines” under the Fourth Street Red and Fourth Street White labels. These everyday table wines are available only at our Tasting Room in 1 liter reusable, refillable bottles.

We strive to source our grapes from small growers that subscribe to sustainable growing practices.

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Our History

Former garage winemakers Bob and Fred started Urbano cellars in 2006 after several years of making wine in Bob’s garage. With the inspiration of a friend who followed a similar path – Bob and Fred decided to give it a go commercially.

Urbano Cellars is named after Urbano Drive in San Francisco’s Ingleside Terrace neighborhood where Bob and Fred lived. Urbano Drive, a one-mile oval street was formerly a race track that opened in 1895 and operated until the end of 1905. It never reopened for the next season in 1906 due to the San Francisco Earthquake in April of that year.

We felt that not only did the name Urbano have a sense of place for us – but a fascinating history and an “urban” connotation – which is precisely what we set out to convey.

Initially our wine was produced at some existing wineries in the East Bay. In the summer of 2011 we were fortunate to have been able to lease a former winery facility in West Berkeley, where we remain today.